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Agitation・Key stroke Testing device

This Testing device can attach two kinds
「Agitation Test」and「Key stroke test」is

possible at the same time



Two kinds of tests at the same time same machine
Case 1 Case 2
2kinds of Key stroke test Agitation test and Key stroke test


 Agitation/Keystroke Testing Device 

煽動・打鍵試験器 全体イメージ

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Model T-001
Examination Outer size width 407mm depth 505mm height 210mm
Work table size wight 400mm depth 350mm
Speed 1〜3times/sec (by Air)
controller Outer size W:430mm D:290mm H:150mm
Setting Times(999,999)
Power Supply AC100V (Japanese spec)
Agitations stroke 8〜50mm (only straight)
Work height 0〜30mm
Licence load Drill use(Default 100g、250g、500g)
Keying Stroke 10mm
Work height 0〜50mm

Licence load

adjust by shock absorber 300g,500g,1Kg
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