General consultant Of Touch panel and Membrane Display

Printed Circuit Board
I make full use of our Know-How and cope from a design to a product finely.

According to a budget,

Flexible Correspondence

  Aim of the delivery date

one side is one day /

double side is two days/

4layer is 4 days


Atypical size,Bed,Multi-layer,
Even Teflon,Aluminum,Glass are OK!!


26 layers boards are available, too
Even one piece comes in order
One stop service! only connection-diagram and shape designation.

The offer of the metal mask is possible, too

( estimate it separately)

Please talk about the implementation

(I ride a hand, as for the correspondence, possible)

EMC/EMI measures design possible!
impedance control is possible!

Conditional Example

PCB production condition(available condition example)

One side,Both sides,Multilayred
Impedance control
Special materials (Flexible,Tefron,Aluminum,Glass,etc)
Large Current
Overseas procurement

Circuit pattem design condition(available condition example)

Correspondence to various CAD data such as DXF, DWG
It is made Garber by a connection diagram
Garber making from a board
Transmission course analysis(EMC/EMI measures)
Power supply design

Implementation process (available condition example)

Deployments part procurement
ride by hand
Mounter implementation
BGA rework
Original Custom